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Best ways to book flight tickets from USA to Vietnam? 2024

When it comes to booking flight tickets from USA to Vietnam, travelers have several options, including booking through apps, booking directly through airlines, and booking through travel agencies.

4 common ways to book flight tickets from USA to Vietnam

Now scroll down to find out more about each booking option and discover which one suits your travel needs best.

Booking through apps

Booking your flight through mobile apps has become increasingly popular due to its convenience and accessibility. Many apps like Expedia, Kayak, etc. offer a user-friendly interface and a wide range of flight options.

You can search for flights, compare prices, and complete your booking from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. This flexibility allows you to manage your travel plans on the go.

Booking through apps is convenient
Booking through apps is convenient

However, while some apps provide customer service support, reaching out for flight changes can be challenging, often requiring direct contact with the airline. This can lead to delays and frustration, especially if you need to speak with multiple staff to resolve your issue.

Booking through airlines

Booking directly through the airline provides several benefits, such as having immediate access to your booking information and the ability to make changes directly. Airlines also offer loyalty programs that can reward you with points or miles for future travel.

Airlines often offer limited flight options, but changing flights through them can be easy
Airlines often offer limited flight options, but changing flights through them can be easy

However, there can still be limitations. Airlines may have limited flight options, which may not be suitable for your planned visit to Vietnam.

Booking through travel agencies

Travel agencies provide a high level of personalized service, helping you find the best flights and manage any changes seamlessly.

Reputable travel agencies offer round-the-clock customer service, ensuring you have support whenever you need it. This is particularly beneficial if you need to make last-minute changes or require assistance during your travels.

Travel agencies often have established relationships with airlines, allowing them to support promptly. They can communicate more effectively with airlines to ensure your needs are met, providing a smoother and more efficient resolution process.

Booking flight tickets from the USA to Vietnam with ICAGO

As a trusted travel agency, ICAGO understands the importance of providing exceptional service and support to travelers. When you book your US to Vietnam flight with ICAGO, you can expect:

1. Expert assistance in finding the best and most affordable flight options.

2. 24/7 customer service support, ensuring prompt assistance whenever you need it.

3. Double pre-flight checks: We verify your itinerary twice before you fly.

4. Vietnam visa service: We provide Vietnam e-visas, simplifying your travel preparations.

5. Fast-track service: Skip the long lines at Tan Son Nhat Airport with our expedited immigration services, reducing wait times to mere minutes.

With ICAGO, you can enjoy a stress-free booking experience and focus on the excitement of your upcoming journey. Whether you’re planning in advance or need to make last-minute changes, ICAGO is here to help you every step of the way.


1. How does ICAGO ensure a smooth booking and travel experience?

ICAGO can help customers find affordable flight options, offer 24/7 customer service support, and track your flight status twice before your departure, providing peace of mind throughout your travel journey.

2. What is ICAGO’s fast-track service at Vietnam’s major international airports?

Our fast-track service at Tan Son Nhat, Noi Bai and Da Nang airports is designed to expedite the immigration process for travelers. When you arrive, our staff will wait and assist you at the immigration area, significantly reducing the wait time from 45-60 minutes to just 3-5 minutes.

3. What is the best time to book flight tickets to Vietnam?

The best time to book flight tickets to Vietnam is typically 1-3 months in advance for the best combination of price and availability. For detailed information, you can read the post: What are the peak and off-peak seasons for buying tickets to Vietnam?

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